Winning Guide for Slots - Tips for Better Odds

Winning Guide for Slots – Tips for Better Odds

Online casino gaming is an excellent source of entertainment. Since the advent of the internet in the mid-1990s, gaming entrepreneurs have launched epic virtual casinos with worldwide appeal. Equally, online casino game providers have emerged to create spectacular casino games that are fun to play and create a chance to win real money.

Online slots take a considerable percentage of the gaming categories across casinos of all the games. Perhaps, it is due to their various themes, dazzling graphics, and animations that characterize them. This article explains expert tips and strategies that experienced players leverage to broaden their winning chances for slot fans. Nevertheless, before going far, we ought to understand how slots work, including free slots, penny slots and fruity machines.

What Are Slot Games?

Slots are popular not only in online casinos but also in land-based counterparts. Mainly, they are chance games, and the tips we suggest have no absolute applicability. Slot gameplay starts by spinning the reels with the object of landing matching symbols along bet lines. Various slot symbols carry winning potential. The Random Number Generators (RNGs) have proprietary algorithms that  produce millions of numbers in milliseconds to influence the aligning of various symbols, thus crucial in ensuring absolute randomness in the slot’s outcome.

Tips to Winning Big on Slots

While slot machines are primarily games of chance, experts and experienced players posit some tips and strategies that have proved fruitful. Some of them include.

Game’s Volatility

Slot’s volatility is an essential concept to both new and experienced players. It helps determine the relationship between the payout size and the winning frequency. For example, low volatility slots mean that the payouts are relatively small but at close intervals. In contrast, the high volatile games imply that winning frequencies are far-placed, albeit with handsome payouts.

As such, when starting to play slots, we advise you to start with low volatile games. They are likely to give you a payout in the short run. You can then build on the short-run wins to accumulate bigger bets in the successive spins. When you learn the game’s insides, you can start spinning games with high volatility, synonymous with significant wins.

Look Out for Casinos With Great Bonuses

Although casino bonuses are not an intrinsic slot machine strategy, they can help you win big. In Malaysia and the rest of Asia, you will find grand online casinos offering slot bonuses. However, we advise you do background research before getting lured by bonus rewards. Some unscrupulous may advertise fake bonuses to steal your details when registering.

To help you easily select the legit bonuses, our experts single out some of the following casinos that offer great welcome bonuses.

  • Mega88 Welcome Bonus. Mega88 offers exclusive slots welcome bonus of 150% up to MYR 800. It has other bonuses, including the referral promotion, which awards up to MYR 50 for every friend you refer to register an account with the casino.
  • Bonus888. In this casino, new players get a welcoming cash match of 50% up to MYR 300. It also offers other promos, including free spins bonuses and free credits every day. We invite you to visit the casino’s official promotions page to acquaint yourself with the broad range of bonuses and terms guiding their issuance.
  • W88 Casino. W88 is another reputable where you can leverage our slot machine tips. It has an incredible spread of other games, including Roulette variants, Blackjack, Baccarat, craps and video poker.  Players rank their bonuses among the friendliest offers. For instance, the first deposit qualifies for a 100% cash match up to MYR 200.

Play Demo Games First

In the modern online gambling era, almost every slot game has its demo mode. With demo modes or free plays, as many refer them, you get a chance to play slot machines for free without expending a penny. Many online casinos will give the option to choose between a free play and a real money game.

If you are not familiar with a specific casino slot, playing the demo mode first is advisable. Demos allow you to understand the game rules and procedures, bonus features, and how likely are the winning chances.

Consider Games With Higher RTP Values

Experienced slot players prefer to play online slot machines with a higher payback percentage. RTPs or the return to player concept denotes the theoretical payback percentage in the long run. For example, a slot game with a 97% payout percentage is better than another one with 90% RTP. Casinos and experts arrive at the figure after considering hundreds or even thousands of spinning rounds. Typically it is a theoretical estimation based on previous winnings.

RTPs help determines the house edge or advantage. In our examples, a game with 97% RTP means that the house edge is squeezed to a paltry 3%, while the game with an RTP of 90% implies that the house edge is 10%.

Choose Max Bet Options When Playing Progressive Jackpots

Progressive games refer to video slots that have an exponentially growing prize pool. Different players contribute to the growing prize pool every time they place a gamble. The pool grows until when the lucky player strikes the lucky winning combination.

High rollers with an eye for bigger prizes on games like Mega Moolah by Microgaming or NetEnt’s Mega Fortune should place maximum bets.  Max bet option means placing the highest bets on all the  paylines. Failure to place maximum wagers amounts to voluntary forfeiture of big wins that are common with jackpot prizes in progressive slots.

Slot Tips Summary

Casino gamers constantly research for tips with the best odds to win. However, slot games are unique in that the RNGs that determine the paytable payouts use advanced algorithms, making it hard for players to predict the likely winning patterns. Similarly, it is impossible to guess which symbols are likely to paper in the next spin.

Luckily, veterans have discovered some inside wires which they leverage to win big. They propose numerous workable tips, from focusing on bonus offers with less strict wagering requirements to selecting the best slots with incredible in-game multipliers. If you want more, we invite you to our website for exclusive coverage on how to win amazing prizes even with minimum bets.






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